Arsip Bulanan: Oktober 2010

Lagu buat ngelamun….

I can’t fight this feeling any longer.
And yet I’m still afraid to let it flow.
What started out as friendship,
Has grown stronger.
I only wish I had the strength to let it show.

I tell myself that I can’t hold out forever.
I said there is no reason for my fear.
Cause I feel so secure when we’re together.
You give my life direction,
You make everything so clear.

And even as I wonder,
I’m keeping you in sight.
You’re a candle in the window,
On a cold, dark winter’s night.
And I’m getting closer than I ever thought I might.

Akhir-nya ketemu juga sama lagu ini hehehehe, tau nggak judul-nya ???…nama Band-nya apaaa???….hehe, itu judul-nya “Can’t fight this feeling anymore”…band yg nyanyi-in namanya “REO Speed Wagon”….nice song, meski jadul tahun 80-an…

Lumayan buat bahan ngelamun sebelum tidur wakakakakakak :p

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